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Are you a business or enterprise in a remote location that needs Internet or network access? We specialise in Internet and network connections over satellite (VSAT). We design, integrate and provide communications to remote regions throughout the world. Fixed land-based and maritime Internet via Satellite, and TV broadcasting.

Business VSAT
Small & Medium Businesses
Lower equipment cost
Lower monthly recurring cost
Shared quality of service 10:1, 5:1
Enterprise VSAT
Enterprises, Large Offices, Networks
Dedicated quality of service 1:1
Higher equipment cost
Higher monthly recurring cost
Maritime VSAT
Ferries, Fishing, Leisure Vessels
Turnkey maritime solution
Internet, telephone, television
Wireless deployment on-board
Media Broadcasting
TV / Radio Channels, SNG
Contribution solutions with backhaul connection via VSAT
Full PlayBox server solution for self-managed contribution and playlist
Hybrid services for live broadcast and playlists

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