3 January 2019
A panel at the 2018 Kratos Global Users Conference. Photo: Kratos

High Throughput Satellites Spur Innovation on the Ground

A panel at the 2018 Kratos Global Users Conference. Photo: Kratos High Throughput Satellite (HTS) systems have brought unprecedented flexibility and bandwidth to the marketplace, but […]
28 December 2018
NATO Deploys Marine IoT Devices With Help From Globalstar Europe Satellite Services

NATO Deploys Marine IOT Devices with Help from Globalstar

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services made an announcement about NATO’s Science and Technology Organization scientists who are planning to deploy IoT solution in marine by making use of Globalstar satellite communications and SPOT […]
20 December 2018
Blockchain Tech Firm Blockstream Launches Beta Version of Satellite API for Data Broadcast

Blockstream Launches Satellite API For Data Broadcast

Blockchain technology company Blockstream is launching the beta version of its Blockstream Satellite API, designed to help developers broadcast data via the company’s satellite network. The launch was […]
14 December 2018
A panel at the 2018 Kratos Global Users Conference. Photo: Kratos

Why Adaptability is Key for a Changing Satellite Industry

A panel at the 2018 Kratos Global Users Conference. Photo: Kratos Prevailing trends in satellite telecommunications have brought the industry to a crossroads. Should satellite industry […]
5 December 2018

China lands spacecraft on the far side of the moon.

In a first for the world, China has successfully landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon, the China National Space Administration said Thursday […]
30 November 2018

SATELLITE 2029: Satellite’s Women Predict the Future

Go to any major satellite trade exhibition, and you’ll see that the audience continues to be preponderantly male. Whereas things square measure ever-changing, the modification is […]
20 November 2018
Photo: The Switch


The Switch® and Eutelsat are connection forces to produce a brand new, freelance provide delivering an unparalleled satellite and fiber video contribution network. The partnership can […]
14 November 2018

Diversity is the Key Ingredient to a Successful 5G Wireless Kickoff

Now it might be difficult for those of us entrenched in the telecoms world to believe, but a vast majority of end-users and policymakers still don’t […]
8 November 2018
SES offices with antennas. Photo: SES

Fan of the C-Band? Industry Analyst is Cautious About SES

Berenberg Satellite Equity Analyst Sarah Simon released a comprehensive report on SES and went into detail on how she sees the C-band situation in the United States directly […]