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18 August 2017

Intellian v100GX

Intellian v100GX (1.03m) is a Ku-band VSAT maritime antenna system convertible to Ka-band for Inmarsat’s Global Xpress™(GX) network. Featuring fully optimized RF performance for Ku or […]
17 August 2017

Sailor 900 VSAT System

What is a Sailor 900 VSAT System? The SAILOR 900 VSAT is a unique stabilized maritime VSAT antenna system operating in the Ku-band (10.7 to 14.5 GHz). […]
14 August 2017


What is OpenAMIP? OpenAMIP is an IP based protocol that facilitates the exchange of information between an Antenna Controller Unit and a satellite. Expanded Use for […]
11 August 2017


Why is Polarization Important? A understanding of wave polarization in VSAT is essential. Firstly, if we don’t transmit a polarized wave, we will waste signal power. […]
11 August 2017

iDirect Connection Troubleshooting

The starting point for an active iDirect connection is the RX indicator, which must be green, and you must have an RX SNR greater than 6. […]
11 August 2017

iDirect Modem Recovery

There are two ways of iDirect Modems recovery: Modem Recovery using Console Cable Modem Recovery using Hyperterminal When we try to use the first option then we […]
10 August 2017

Circular and Linear Polarization

Antenna Polarization Antenna polarization is a very important consideration when choosing and installing an antenna. Most communications systems use either vertical, horizontal or circular polarization. Knowing […]
9 August 2017

How to Use Web iSite with iDirect Modem

To launch Web iSite perform the following: Connect the LAN port of the PC to the LAN port of the Satellite Router using an Ethernet cable. […]
7 August 2017

How to Load an Option File to an iDirect Modem

iSite and the iDirect Option File The iDirect modem has an option file that configures the modem for the satellite network that you will access. The […]