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12 February 2017

VSAT Technology Features

In this post we will be focusing on VSAT technology features to familiarize you with what VSATs are and their many applications for connecting to the […]
11 February 2017

VSAT Installation Guideline

VSAT Installation In this VSAT Installation Guideline we will walk you through the various steps in a VSAT installation: Ground mount: This involves a tube/pipe lowered […]
10 February 2017

Azimuth and Elevation

What is Azimuth and Elevation? How can I calculate them? Azimuth refers to the rotation of the whole antenna around a vertical axis. It is the side […]
30 July 2004

C-Band & Ku-Band Comparison

C Band & Ku Band Satellite Frequencies Which of them is better? Why? Many mobile operators nowadays are using Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) to provide […]