LCS offers high quality communications services for the energy industry.

Access to secure and reliable satellite communication can allow energy production in remote areas of the world. LCS will provide you the VSAT solution to communicate with the outside world from day one.

LCS for Energy Industry

As global demand for increased sources of energy grows, oil and gas companies must access new resources in challenging and remote environments, and in increasingly efficient ways. LCS delivers a range of telecommunications services especially suited to the oil and gas industries for onshore and offshore operations. LCS specialises in the creation of an end-to-end multi-service network infrastructure, and provides managed VSAT and intelligent outdoor wireless and fibre connectivity to contractors, operators and service companies worldwide.

We understand the importance of continuous and high performance network access for your company. As a new generation of enterprise applications matures around rich content, your organisation’s ERP systems will be at your fingertips even from the remotest fields of operation, to seamlessly merge your data gathering and access requirements.

All of this can be achieved using VSAT technology that will operate seamlessly in extreme temperature and weather conditions. Our solutions will provide you with an infrastructure that keeps maintenance to a minimum. LCS designs and builds remote network infrastructure that meets the business, operational and welfare needs of oil and gas sites, no matter how remote or harsh the environment.

With energy exploration, the ability to establish communications and deploy equipment quickly is essential to your project success. Rapid deploy solutions from LCS enable a VSAT connection to be deployed and become operational in as little as 15 minutes. By combining satellite with wireless connectivity, these rapid deploy solutions can quickly establish a wireless hotspot to enable the remote personnel to roam securely within the designated area.

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We also provide high-speed secure Internet connectivity.

How Enterprise VSAT Works

Link Communications Systems (LCS)  enterprise VSAT services works through a VSAT terminal consisting of a 1.8m or 2.4m satellite dish (KU band or C band), a PLL LNB to receive signals, an appropriately sized BUC to transmit signals, and a satellite router / modem that connects to your network as the WAN interface. LCS also can assist with voice lines (international calling), a voice PBX, and help you with your network layout, including wireless AP deployment.

Through this setup, you will be able to connect to a geosynchronous satellite and on to the Teleport for connection to Tier-1 Internet Backbone to provide you with a high quality, robust and secure VSAT service.

LCS is serving many offshore platforms in the energy sector and has a wide array of expertise, experience, and resources to help you setup your telecommunications from your offshore platform or vessels.

LCS Buiness VSAT Service, Enterprise VSAT Service over Satellite


Unlimited traffic

LCS’s Business VSAT Service is a satellite Internet service based on iDirect technology with sharing ratios of 10:1 or 5:1 or 1:1 ratio, with unlimited traffic on download/upload, on a fixed monthly fee.

VSAT Services

Discover our Internet via Satellite services.

Internet via Satellite (SME, Home) and Shared Services (iDirect).

Satellite-based, high quality, communication to any location.

Let us provide you a suitable solution for your maritime project.

A wide ranging solutions of Media Broadcasting to manage 24/7 television channels.

LCS set up a high-speed broadband mobile office in minutes wherever you are on the planet.

Solutions to work in any environment and operating on Inmarsat’s I-4 geostationary satellite.

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