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VSAT Support Blog

17 June 2020
SpaceX Software Lead

SpaceX Software Lead Reveals Starlink Details in Reddit AMA

SpaceX Director of Starlink Software Matt Monson revealed some new details about the company’s mysterious Starlink constellation during an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on Reddit […]
10 June 2020
After 5G NGSO Broadband Failures

After 5G NGSO Broadband Failures – What’s Next for Investors?

After 5G NGSO Broadband Failures In our recent column, we proposed a golden triangle of competitive differentiation in the satcom industry, comprising advantageous configurations of orbit, […]
3 June 2020
Economists Suggest Satellite

Economists Suggest Satellite Tax to Fix Space Debris

Throwing money at problems works in space, too! A paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says that the space debris problem can be fixed once […]
27 May 2020
Satellite Plays a Role

Satellite Plays a Role in the Global Pandemic Response

Satellite Plays a Role Over recent months we have seen a global crisis on a scale most of us have simply never witnessed before. The impact […]
20 May 2020
Mobility Market’s Post-Pandemic

Mobility Market’s Post-Pandemic Predictions Remain Positive, For Now

The mobility market segment has been a bright spot in the satellite industry in recent years, as video revenues continue to decline. New advances in ground […]
14 May 2020
Modernizing Military Space Requires

Modernizing Military Space Requires Next-Level Collaboration, Innovation

An Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite. Modernizing Military Space Requires Although hard to believe, it has been about two months since industry executives gathered for […]
6 May 2020
SpaceX, NASA Ready

SpaceX, NASA Ready to Kickstart a ‘New Era’ of Human Spaceflight

With one gesture, SpaceX’s President and COO Gwynne Shotwell gave a glimpse into her perspective ahead of the historic NASA and SpaceX Demo-2 test mission coming […]
30 April 2020

Infostellar Raises Additional Capital in Attempt to Disrupt the Ground Station Market

Infostellar Raises Additional Capital In a world where enterprises can rent not just additional computing power, but their entire IT network, Tokyo-based startup Infostellar is using […]
22 April 2020
OneWeb appeals to Government

OneWeb appeals to Government for rescue as it hunts investors

OneWeb appeals to Government. The SoftBank-backed satellite firm has turned to the UK government for support as it seeks a lifeline Oneweb has appealed to the […]