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If you are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or wish to set-up as an ISP, then LCS is your partner!

Internet Service Providers (ISP) can expand their market share and profitability by relying on LCS and its vast technical expertise, and excellent satellite communications services. With our support, local and regional ISPs can provide a full range of services to more customers and enhance their market share.

LCS provides advanced IP Trunking services (Internet bandwidth over satellite) to a VSAT earth station that we will establish for you, and you can then deploy wireless services through access and backhaul equipment, from 2 meters to 245 kilometers away, to reach your customer base.

Internet Service Providers recognize that there is a huge market of prospective customers who remain without access to the Internet and the global economy.  Our IP Trunking services provide ISPs, large and small, the means to extend connectivity to this untapped market.

We support ISP clients throughout emerging markets around the world with appropriate solutions.  Leveraging our vast experience in supporting ISPs, we will propose and deliver the best service for the business opportunity at hand.  We have a range of service solutions on Ku and C-band platforms and we will work with ISPs to determine which solution is optimum for them.

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