Media Broadcasting Services

Content Contribution – Distribution – LCS will provide a turnkey solution for your Television or Radio Broadcasting requirements via Satellite.

A complete range of services for contribution & distribution of Television channel and Radio channel content around the globe.

LCS Media Broadcasting provides TV channels a wide ranging solution to manage 24/7 television channels, from asset management, playlist management and delivery to an audience anywhere in the world.

LCS offers TV channels a full media service platform to manage every asset and every facet of TV channel originationplayout and delivery. TV Channels can utilized our cloud-based platform to manage all aspects of their TV channel. From channel origination and playout, to inserting advertising into a channel lineup and adding LIVE events into a channel schedule, LCS provides a full solution for TV channels.

  • Broadcast to Africa
  • From $8,200 USD/Month
  • Broadcast on SES5, Astra 2F, T11N, IS20
  • 1.5M or 2M VBR or CBR channel broadcast
  • Playbox Server Access – self-manage your playlist
  • On-demand switching from Live transmission to playlist
  • Broadcast to North America & Europe
  • From $11,300 USD/Month
  • Broadcast on Galaxy 19
  • 1.5M or 2M VBR or CBR channel broadcast
  • Playbox Server Access – manage your playlist yourself
  • On-demand switching from Live transmission to Playbox

LCS Media Broadcasting also facilitates the broadcast of a host of digital radio stations to listeners across the globe. Sharing the satellite airwaves with the TV channels, satellite radio delivers musicspeechdramanewsdebate and more, in many languages, and from both national broadcasters and small independent stations. Satellite radio is broadcast in top-quality digital audio with crystal clear sound, whatever the weather conditions, and is available to anyone with a simple dish and satellite receiver.

With a global infrastructure through our partnerships with major operators and integrated satellite and fiber services, LCS delivers reliable and flexible transport options for network television, cable programmers, special event producers, video production companies, news agencies, distance learning centers, government bureaus and others around the globe.

A Global View

LCS has access to teleports strategically located in Europe and the US. The European teleports provide access to the entire European satellite arc, and to the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean regions.

  • Over 100 antennas
  • Access to AOR, POR and IOR international satellites
  • 24×7 Traffic Desk

On the ground, LCS access to fiber capacity and video switching hubs provide instantaneous access to local venues in major European cities.

Media Broadcasting Services

Service Overview

LCS has a comprehensive range of dedicated and occasional use broadcast services for content distribution, back-haul, and special events.

We provide 24 x 7 monitoring and engineering support at our Network Operations Centre, to ensure consistent, high quality performance of your broadcast transmissions.


  • Digital and Analog Teleport Services
  • Fiber Networks
  • Transponder Brokerage


  • Program News and Back-haul
  • Program Distribution
  • Special Events


Unlimited traffic

LCS’s Business VSAT Service is a satellite Internet service based on iDirect technology with sharing ratios of 10:1 or 5:1 or 1:1 ratio, with unlimited traffic on download/upload, on a fixed monthly fee.

VSAT Services

Discover our Internet via Satellite services.

Internet via Satellite (SME, Home) and Shared Services (iDirect).

Satellite-based, high quality, communication to any location.

Let us provide you a suitable solution for your maritime project.

A wide ranging solutions of Media Broadcasting to manage 24/7 television channels.

LCS set up a high-speed broadband mobile office in minutes wherever you are on the planet.

Solutions to work in any environment and operating on Inmarsat’s I-4 geostationary satellite.

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