MGP platform unveiled by Maxar to speed up imagery access

The Maxar Geospatial Platform (MGP) represents a significant step forward in simplifying and expediting the process of accessing high-resolution Earth imagery. Maxar Technologies showcased this platform at the Esri User Conference in San Diego, aiming to offer users convenient access to both archival and current imagery through an online interface and an application programming interface (API).

MGP introduces a more streamlined purchasing process for imagery. For instance, with the MGP Express feature, customers can make purchases directly using their credit card without the need to contact Maxar via phone or email. The imagery is then promptly delivered to the customer.

Looking ahead, Maxar plans to enhance Maxar Geospatial Platform to enable users to task satellites and access advanced analytics tools. This platform is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from individuals seeking specific imagery to enterprises and organizations with more complex geospatial requirements.

Maxar’s announcement of three distinct MGP products on July 10 marks a significant advancement in the accessibility of high-resolution Earth imagery:

  1. MGP Xpress: Designed for the general public, this product allows customers to navigate Maxar’s vast 125-petabyte image archive, make purchases, and subsequently download the chosen images.
  2. MGP Pro: This subscription-based offering provides users with access to a daily collection of imagery, Maxar’s base map, the image archive, and other geospatial data products.
  3. MGP API: Aimed at developers, this product provides them with software development kits and tools to incorporate the MGP API directly into their own applications.

As of now, a select group of Maxar customers can access Maxar Geospatial Platform. However, the company has plans to make it available for broader use later this year. This suite of MGP products is set to significantly simplify and expedite the process of accessing high-quality Earth imagery for a wide range of users.

The introduction of tasking capabilities in the future will further enhance the utility of the Maxar Geospatial Platform (MGP):

  1. Disaster Relief: MGP users focused on disaster relief efforts will have the ability to task Maxar’s constellation of satellites to capture up-to-date imagery in the aftermath of events like hurricanes. This seamless integration of tasking and image acquisition allows customers to directly incorporate imagery into their workflows and applications to aid disaster response.
  2. Defense and Intelligence: International defense or intelligence agencies can leverage MGP’s analytics capabilities to perform various tasks, such as counting military objects or monitoring specific activities of interest.

Initially, MGP will offer access to the Maxar Worldview satellites. However, once the Maxar Legion satellites become operational, imagery from this new constellation will also be accessible through MGP.

In essence, Maxar Geospatial Platform aims to democratize access to Maxar’s geospatial data and imagery, empowering not only experienced analysts but also technical developers and occasional users to seamlessly integrate this data into their mapping, monitoring, and analysis workflows.