Precious Payload

Precious Payload unveiled “Launch.ctrl” Space Navigation Tool

U.S. and United Arab Emirates-based space tech company Precious Payload during this year released the first API software integration of the “Launch.ctrl” space navigation tool which it developed with “ienai GO” software by Spanish propulsion solutions provider Ienai Space.

Previously, teams had to painstakingly iterate on the on-board propulsion system requirements and launcher options, since the space mobility problem is coupled between those. Now with Precious Payload’s embedded Launch.ctrl tool, space teams can leverage verified data and see actual, manifested launches while working within the software created by IENAI SPACE to obtain the best space mobility possible for their needs.

With so many launch vehicles to choose from, space entrepreneurs are faced with a multi-modal problem. Precious Payload’s Launch.ctrl is a first-of-its-kind, elegant way to solve this complex issue. It is a gateway to all space mobility solutions available on the market. Just as Google Maps allows users to select multiple modes of transit to get to their destination, Launch.ctrl lets engineers plan their optimal route using verified and actionable data specific to their mission design. Added to ienai GO, it provides the initial destination for a user’s satellites and the mission lifecycle’s propulsive manoeuvre requirements, from orbit correction or deployment manoeuvres to station keeping and decommissioning; IENAI will also propose the best configuration of their ATHENA thruster to match said requirements.

Co-founder and CEO of Precious Payload Andrew Maximov said, “This is just a first step in realizing our vision to connect all players within the industry via a verified data stream of all the ways to launch payloads to space. Space tugs, thruster manufacturers, space situational awareness companies, and satellite operators are just a few examples of companies who can benefit from integrating the Launch.ctrl stream API into their products.”

Access to space is core to every company in this sector. Securing a launch is a key function for increasing tech readiness level, funding, and acquiring a first paying customer. It also has a cascading effect on decision-making across different areas of the business, from product to hiring/retention, and mission design. In short, selecting the appropriate launch and on-board propulsion system is critical to a mission’s overall success.

Co-founder and CEO of IENAI SPACE Daniel Perez Grande said: “This partnership with Precious Payload adds a critical feature to GO since it provides users with actionable and verified data for the first step of their space mobility solution; the integration of the API has been smooth and seamless and we hope this can drive additional value to the community as well as for both companies..”