SkyWatch set to provide integrated radar-optical satellite imagery

SkyWatch, a satellite data distribution company headquartered in Ontario, Canada, has introduced a novel imagery product that combines both radar and optical images. SkyWatch operates the EarthCache platform, providing customers with access to commercial satellite data. The company has recognized a growing demand for integrated imagery that merges visually appealing optical satellite pictures with data from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites, which have the ability to capture images at night and through cloud cover.

David Proulx, Chief Product Officer at SkyWatch, emphasized that, at any given moment, a significant portion of the Earth’s surface faces atmospheric conditions that challenge or even prevent optical satellite image capture.

This new service offered by SkyWatch enables EarthCache customers to obtain a SAR image of the same area they are interested in from their optical capture and then overlay this data. SAR’s advantage lies in its capability to capture images under all weather conditions, making it invaluable for monitoring and responding to critical events when traditional optical satellite imagery is hindered by cloudy or adverse weather conditions.

In addition to its new imaging product, SkyWatch has revealed that it is now offering synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data from Umbra which is a startup headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, which operates a constellation of six radar satellites.

James Slifierz, CEO of SkyWatch, highlighted that Umbra’s inclusion in their virtual constellation, which already comprises over 400 satellites, further enhances their ability to assist customers in solving intricate challenges within the Earth observation domain.

Joe Morrison, Vice President of Commercial Experience at Umbra, praised SkyWatch for being among the pioneers in advancing the Earth observation industry into the modern era by adopting a web-based, API-first tasking approach. This approach makes it more accessible and efficient for users to request and obtain specific satellite data for their needs.