SpaceChain working to combine AI with Earth imagery

SpaceChain, a Singapore-based startup known for its blockchain nodes in orbit, is launching a service that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with Earth imagery data. The service, called I-Sat and developed by SpaceChain’s U.S.-based subsidiary SC Solutions, aims to simplify the process of extracting valuable insights from Earth observation data using AI.

I-Sat utilizes natural language processing technology, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, to generate answers to questions posed by users. What sets it apart is its integration of real-time data analytics, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of the answers provided.

Through the application of AI to satellite imagery, I-Sat was able to offer customers valuable insights into vegetation health and soil moisture levels, along with recommendations for enhancing plant health and productivity.

SpaceChain is actively seeking to expand its ecosystem by inviting Earth-imagery providers and application developers to join its platform. The company plans to facilitate payments to these vendors using its blockchain technology, creating a seamless and transparent transaction process. This initiative underscores SpaceChain’s commitment to leveraging blockchain and AI technologies to make Earth observation data more accessible and valuable for a wide range of applications.

SC Solutions, in its efforts to showcase the capabilities of I-Sat, conducted pilot projects centered around paper, pulp, and sugarcane production in Brazil.

For sugarcane plants, the project utilized a combination of optical imagery, synthetic aperture radar imagery, and open-source climate data. These data sources were integrated into a machine-learning model, enabling the accurate prediction of crop yields.

Mining is identified as another promising application for I-Sat, underlining the versatility and potential impact of this technology in various industries and sectors. By harnessing AI and Earth imagery data, I-Sat has the potential to provide actionable insights and recommendations that can lead to more efficient and sustainable operations across a range of domains.

Before shifting its focus to Earth observation and AI, SpaceChain established blockchain payloads in space. It currently operates seven SpaceChain nodes on satellites and the International Space Station, which process, transmit, and store data securely in space.

To develop I-Sat, SC Solutions leveraged partnerships and resources from industry leaders. The company joined Nvidia’s Inception Program and Google for Startups, which provide valuable support and resources to emerging businesses. Additionally, SC Solutions is actively collaborating with satellite imagery providers to enhance its offerings.

The goal of the platform is to simplify access to Earth observation data, making it more accessible to a wider range of users. By adding a layer of analytics and combining data from multiple providers, SpaceChain aims to provide users with valuable insights and explanations.

The generative AI tool used in I-Sat allows for natural language interaction with the platform. Users can pose questions or request information, and the platform’s language model will analyze the query and provide accurate answers along with explanations. This approach enhances the usability and accessibility of Earth observation data, making it a powerful tool for various applications and industries.